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Gig Union Video Library

A comprehensive archive of some of our meet ups, panels, townhalls, and discussions.

Gig Union: We Can Go it Alone, Together! Learn all about who we are and what we do.

Everyone is seduced by the warm fuzzy side of freelancing: doing what you love, being your own boss, working in your pajamas. But the reality is that freelancing requires you to be a savvy marketer and an even savvier business person (after all, bills don't pay themselves). Here are the highlights of pro tips and sage advice for creative freelancers from our panel "Freelancing: Taking Care of Business" with freelance veterans Laura Green (director/editor), Tom Krymkowski (cinematographer editor, audio engineering), and Brian Mangin (web design/development and UI/UX design).

BAVC hosted Nerd Undergrounds at Zynga, Practice Fusion, Yammer, Zendesk, Twitter, and Zoosk in 2013. Take a look at some highlights and stay tuned for future Nerd Undergrounds!

Highlights of the Gig Union Town Hall, held 9.19.14 at Avocados and Coconuts. Visit http://bavc.org/gutownhall for event details. Video shot and edited by Gig Union member Andrew Herwitz http://www.onemapictures.com/

Over 60 Gig Union members -- everyone from illustrators and motion graphics artists, to coders, videographers and small business owners -- assembled together in Avocados and Coconuts’ airy Mission District headquarters to bear witness to each others experiences as freelancers.

On November 7th 2013, BAVC and TechSF brought together a panel of women programmers, technology entrepreneurs, and educators for "Real Talk: Why Women Coders Matter" at Mozilla's headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

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