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Gig Union resources

Gig Union offers a variety of resources in the form of networking events, town halls, portfolio critiques, and free workshops.


Through the support of BAVC, Gig Union hosts career workshops monthly. All of these workshops are free and open to Gig Union members. For upcoming classes, visit BAVC. Below is a sampling of the kinds of workshops to expect:

Peer Portfolio Review - This is a space for freelance creatives in graphic design, web design, video production, editing, motion graphics, and the likes to get feedback on their portfolios from like minded creatives. Within this context, a portfolio is the calling card that proves you can do what you say you do. It's what you offer to clients or collaborators as a way for them to see your work and get a feel for your style. Every participant will pull up their portfolio website for the group to view for 5 minutes. [More]

Communication Skills Workshop - When you're job searching in the Bay Area or San Francisco, looking to meet new clients or even hoping to land an internship, the way you communicate who you are and what you want can be a deal breaker. Even your non-verbal communication broadcasts clues about yourself--and you may not know how you come across. If you are in San Francisco Bay Area, consider enrolling in this 2-hour TechSF workshop to learn what's important about the image you project. Strategic Communication Coach Josephine Bellacomo, author of Move The Message: Your Guide To Making A Difference, will share tips, tactics and strategies to help you come across as focused, powerful and unstoppable! [More]

Work Culture Workshop - Employers tell us one of the most important things they look for when hiring is whether or not the job candidate is the right "cultural fit" for their company. But what does that mean? To Zappos, it means you're fun, creative and a little weird. At Apple, it might mean you're "terrified into secrecy." At BAVC, you might have to work with a dog on your lap. Enroll in this informative 2-hour workshop to help decipher what company culture looks like at various tech companies and clarify which environment is best for you. [More]

LinkedIn Logics: You Already Know the Person Who'll Help You - You probably know the power of LinkedIn as a social network that can connect you to 250 billion people (theoretically). You also probably know it gives you a chance to be the best version of yourself online. So why aren’t you using LinkedIn to it’s fullest capacity? This workshop is for folks who have a LinkedIn profile and want to learn how to kick it into high gear. [More]


Nerd Underground - Nerd Underground connects freelancers with their next client, employers with their next superstar and business cats with their next cocktail paycheck. It's an opportunity to network, to practice your elevator pitch and to catch the elusive red dot. Follow @bavctraining on Twitter for updates and get in the conversation with the #nerdu hashtag. [More]

Gig Union Town Halls - Gig Union Town Hall presented a unique opportunity for creative freelancers to come together, discuss these challenges, and think about ways of strengthening their rights in a rapidly changing economy.

Other resources

Job listings - BAVC hosts a list of available multimedia jobs. BAVC members can post jobs to the list.

Career services - BAVC provides portfolio review and mentoring, job coaching, career counseling, interview prep help, and much more!

TechSF- TechSF offers training in high growth IT occupations that are currently in demand, including Networking, Tech Support, Programming, Mobile Development and Multimedia, in order to prepare San Francisco's residents for entry into dynamic careers in the Information Technology Industry. TechSF will provide vocational skills training, work experience opportunities and offer job placement assistance and career advancement to training participants and other individuals working in the IT field. TechSF is offered through Bay Area Video Coalition, BayView Hunter's Point Center for the Arts & Technology, City College of San Francisco and Year Up Bay Area in collaboration with West Ed and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Gig Union official partners

Freelancers Union - Bay Area Video Coalition is in partnership with Freelancers Union, the nation’s largest labor organization representing independent workers, to provide health insurance and retirement benefits to participants in Gig Union, BAVC’s in-house network of Bay Area freelancers. [More | About Freelancers Union]

Elevate Law and Strategy - Elevate Law and Strategy is a San Francisco Bay Area business law firm that provides legal and strategic consulting to startup entrepreneurs and social enterprises. They assist startup entrepreneurs and social enterprises with incorporation, financing, employment law, and IP law matters. Official Website