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Gig Union Spotlights


We have quite the talent pool within the Gig Union Community. The Gig Union Spotlight is a way for us to get to know the people within our network a little better. Find out tips, tricks, and insights into the Bay Area freelancing community by clicking into their Spotlights.

Eric L. Wong - Video Producer, Editor

Mike Sorola - Multimedia Producer

Hope Armstrong - Graphic and Web Designer

Andrew Juris - Motion Graphics Artist and Illustrator

Natalie Q. Rold - Documentary Filmmaker, Producer and Editor

Sarah Thorpe - Storyteller, Animator, Artist

Megan Lavelle - Multidisciplinary artist and Designer

Sylvie McClelland - Illustrator, Designer, Artist

Mike Williams - Designer and Motion Graphics Animator

Marlon Torres - Filmmaker and Photographer

Penny Leyton - Artist, Illustrator, Programmer

Mike Skyba - Video Producer and Editor

Lala Openi Hsin-Cheung - Visual Design, Mixed Media, Motion Graphics, Videographer