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Welcome to the Gig Union Cheat Sheet! This site holds resources, tips, and information our collective Gig Union community has learned over years of trial and error while freelancing in the Bay Area. The Cheat Sheet began as a response to Gig Union members' needs. Gig Union also offers workshops for freelancers, and they are packed with so much information that it can be hard to absorb. This repository is where you will find that information It is also a place where you can add your own expertise and advice directly into the topic pages.

Gig Union is an community for media/tech freelance workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gig Union connects people to resources and support to improve business skills and get gigs. The Gig Union Cheat Sheet is a place for freelancers to share their advice and tips, in the form of searchable topics.

The repository is built off a highly modified wiki engine, so to learn how to add your advice and insights, read our guide to adding content.